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The Renter and additional drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age and in possession of a valid Driving License which they have held for more than 12 Months.

Entering Qatar on a ‘VISIT VISA’ or ‘BUSINESS VISA’

If you are holding a valid Home Driving License’ from your country, you can only drive for up to 15 (Fifteen) days from the date of entry into Qatar.

Should you stay longer then 15 days, you should apply for a ‘Temporary Qatar Driving License’ during that period  

If you are holding a valid ‘International Driving Permit’ which you have obtained outside of Qatar, along with your ‘Home Driving License’ (from your country) you can drive for up to 6 (Six) months from the date of entry into Qatar.

If you have entered Qatar on either a ‘Visit Visa’ or ‘Business Visa’ and decided to apply for a resident permit or employment visa then the home license or International Driving Permit are NO LONGER VALID from the day you obtain approval for your resident permit from the Qatar labour department, thereafter you CANNOT DRIVE!

You should apply for ‘Temporary Qatar Driving License’ before submitting your application for a resident permit.



Entering Qatar on a ‘EMPLOYMENT VISA’

If you are entering Qatar on an ‘Employment Visa’ then the home license or International Driving Permit ARE NOT VALID!

You should apply of a ‘Temporary Qatar Driving License’ immediately.

If you are a non-resident ‘Coming and Going’ to and from Qatar on a regular basis the above rules are refreshed each time you enter or re-enter Qatar providing you re-submit the updated documents to Oasis Rent A Car.

Commercial vehicles, the renter must have the required endorsement on there driving license to drive any commercial vehicles.


Please Note;

The laws in Qatar are subject to change and therefore it is your responsibility as the renter to ensure that you and your authorized drivers hold a valid ‘Qatari Driving Permit’ at all times.


Should you drive without a valid  ‘Qatari Driving Permit’ this will immediately cancel your vehicle insurance, making you fully liable for all aspects of the rental, including but not restricted to all damage to the rental vehicle, the third party, persons and or property.


The full Terms and Conditions and the laws of Qatar take precedent over anything written or spoken by any employee of Oasis Cars.


Should you require further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us

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